From the Beekeeper

The Honey flow season is here!! Our  bees have started to go out to collect the nectar of the flowers to create their honey. The honey flow season is a period for the beekeeper to be observant of the space that the bees have in the hive. If the space is reduced by the amount of  honey the bees produce per day, then the beekeeper should expand the hive by adding more boxes, thus offering the bees more space for extra honey, while reducing the chances of swarming.  As the days warm up, it is also important to have a good supply of water for the bees to keep hydrated! Done well,  the honey flow season can be a good and enjoyable period for both the bees ad the beekeepers!!

What’s new?

We have a new product added to our list of delicious  Honey! the very  unique “GOLDFIELDS” honey. Ask our friendly staff if you want to taste it.
This honey comes all the way from Laverton, hence its name. It is amber in colour,  has a cream  and smooth taste with a hint of woodlands.

Our loyalty program

Remember to ask our friendly staff for a stamp on your loyalty card, every time you spend $18.00 (1 kg of our honey)
When you complete the honeycomb. You will receive 1kg of any of our regular honey for free or the equivalent to $ 18.00 dollars towards any of your other favorite honeys