Colmena Pure Honey

Ecological and Local

Our honey comes from native Western Australian trees. This means that we’re in an ecological haven where bees are completely free from disease. Because of that, we have the great advantage of not needing pesticides or anti-biotics in any of our products. Our method of bee-keeping ensures that we take care of our bees by using ethical bee-keeping methods. 

tasty and gourmet honey

Tasty and Gourmet

Since our honey is unheated and untreated, we preserve 100% of the nutrients and flavour. Unlike our mass-market competitors, we don’t boil our honey to high temperatures for industrial convenience. We produce honey in the traditional way, meaning that our pure and natural honey is not heated, filtered or treated with any chemicals.

healthy and medicinal tick

Healthy and Medicinal

Western Australian honey has trees that produce unique and medicinal properties that are sought after from all around the world. Since our raw honey is from the hive straight to your spoon, it still contains anti-oxidants, essential enzymes, vitamins and other beneficial attributes that mass producers will not be able to offer.